Fossilien der Karnischen AlpenFossils

fossil localities

The following compilation on Google Earth provides a summary of the most important fossil localities of the Austrian and Italian part of the Carnic Alps.

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This review was compiled by Hans P. Schönlaub (Austrian Academy of Sciences) with contributions by Carlo Corradini (University of Cagliari), Annalisa Ferretti (University of Modena), Kathleen Histon (University of Varese), Susanne M. Pohler (University of Cologne), Monica Pondrelli (University of Pescara), Luca Simonetto (Natural History Museum Udine), Claudia Spalletta (University of Bologna), Gian Battista Vai (University of Bologna), Karl Krainer (University of Innsbruck) and Thomas Suttner (Austrian Academy of Sciences , University of Graz).