Geotopes are geological documents of the so-called abiotic world which provide insights into the history of the Earth and the development of life. They comprise fossils, minerals, rocks, soils and other parts of the landscape like, e.g., bogs.

To date, within the GeoPark some 81 spots are defined as Geotopes.  They are subdivided into areas for relaxing (e.g. Lake Zollner), as knowledge spots (e.g. Cellon avalanche gorge) and in places where some activity is needed (e.g. Kellerwand Cliff or Garnitzen Gorge).

The general view in the link „Geotope map“ reveals the exact position of individual Geotopes and provides pinpoint informations. In addition, this map can be downloaded and printed.

A comprehensive description of most of the following Geotopes can be found in the illustrated book by Hans P. Schönlaub „Der wahre Held ist die Natur“.

Below you will find hints to access the Geotopes supplemented by some further informations of individual Geotopes in the GeoPark Carnic Alps.


Geotope 1: Weißensee

Geotope 2: Bodensee

Geotope 3: Grünsee and Valentinsee

Geotope 4: Lake Zollner

Geotope 5: Lake Promosio (Promossee)

Geotope 6: Lake Wolayer

Geotope 7: Vorderberg Gorge

Geotope 8: Garnitzen Gorge

Geotope 9: Weißenbach Gorge

Geotope 10: Mauthen Gorge

Geotope 11: Mühlschuss - St. Lorenzen/Gitschtal

Geotope 12: Gössering

Geotope 13: Noelbling Creek

Geotope 14: Hilden Fall

Geotope 15: Million Waterfall

Geotope 16: Nölbling Waterfall

Geotope 17: Weidenburg Waterfall

Geotope 18: Nötsch Badstuben

Geotope 20: Feistritz Alm

Geotope 21: Krone

Geotope 22: Nieselach

Geotope 23: Garnitzen Saddle

Geotope 24: Kammleiten

Geotope 25: Gugga

Geotope 26: Garnitzenhöhe 1

Geotope 27: Garnitzenhöhe 2

Geotope 28: Auernig

Geotope 29: Peak of Trogkofel

Geotope 30: Rattendorf Crest

Geotope 31: Roßkofel

Geotope 32: Paßriach Pit

Geotope 33: Waidegg Höhe

Geotope 34: Stranig Alm Road

Geotope 35: Gundersheim Alm Road 1

Geotope 36: Gundersheim Alm Road 2

Geotope 37: Zollner - Collendiaul 1

Geotope 38: Zollner - Rösser Hut

Geotope 39: Zollner - Zollner See Höhe 1.813 m

Geotope 40: Obere Bischofalm

Geotope 41: Gailbergmoor

Geotope 42: The petrified forest

Geotope 43: Casera Malpasso

Geotope 44: Casera Valbertad bassa

Geotope 45: Großer Pal

Geotope 46: Grüne Schneid

Geotope 47: Stelzling Hut

Geotope 48: Valentintörl

Geotope 49: Rauchkofel-Boden 1

Geotope 50: Rauchkofel-Boden 2

Geotope 51: Wolayer Valley 1

Geotope 52: Wolayer Valley 2

Geotope 53: Radegrundgraben

Geotope 54: Kellerwand

Geotope 55: Reppwand

Geotope 56: Findenig-Nordwand

Geotope 57: Reißkofelrinne

Geotope 58: Polinik Northern Cliff

Geotope 59: Gartnerkofel Southern Wall

Geotope 60: Cellonetta Avalanche Gully

Geotope 61: Geotrail Wolayersee

Geotope 62: Geotrail Plöckenpass

Geotope 63: Kristallwelt Gailschlucht

Geotope 64: Geo-Mining St. Daniel

Geotope 65: Nölbling Creek

Geotope 66: Gail-Rafting

Geotope 68: Geotrail Zollnersee

Geotope 69: Stranig Creek

Geotope 70: Roßkofel  - Geo-Caving

Geotope 71: Geotrail Naßfeld

Geotope 72: Garnitzen Gorge - Canyoning

Geotope 73: Geotrail Garnitzenklamm

Geotope 74: Terra Mystica

Geotope 75: Geolehrpfad Dobratsch

Geotope 76: Lower Valentinalm

Geotope 77: Upper Valentinalm

Geotope 78: Rösser Hut

Geotope 79: Mussen/Schatzbichl - Girlande Soil

Geotope 80: Mussen/Schatzbichl - Lamellar Soil

Geotope 81: Egger Alm

    A Choice of Geotopes

    Nautilids from Stranig Alm
    Bedded strata in the upper Garnitzen Gorge
    Calamite – a genus of an extinct horsetails plant fossil at Naßfeld
    Biotop near the Gailberg Pass
    Lake Wolayer with mountain Seekopf (2554 m)
    Quaternary deposits in the sand-pit of Passriach
    The Reppwand cliff with mountains Kammleiten 1999m) and Gartnerkofel (2195 m) in the background
    Muschelkalk-Formation at the summit of mountain Kammleiten (1999 m)
    The 9 m long trunk of a petrified tree at Laas, some 280 Million years old
    Bodensee at the road to Naßfeld